3D visualization is the main function of 3DR.3DR not only supports surface rendering but also volume rendering,

It also supports more interactive functions such as interactive measurement and editing of 3D image data.3DR uses mixed reality (MR) technology to make three-dimensional image.

Holographic high-level visualization, in many medical fields such as clinical visualization, anatomical structure teaching, surgical simulation teaching, remote sharing and remote cooperative surgery and other auxiliary, effects obviously.




3DR reconstruction engine features
Machines learn automatic segmentation
Automatic diagnosis by artificial intelligence
Directly holographic presentation with Meta


3DR reconstruction engine application training
Advanced basis: to expand the clinical application potential value of AR and MR
Advanced applications: learn how to operate 3DR device applications
Advanced applications: learning how to manipulate applications for model observation
We have designed a complete training program to ensure that you can independently operate AR/MR equipment set,
practical use of application and clinical project development and other applications.

To provide professional technical guidance, leasing and purchasing business

To provide Meta 2, Sureyes AR, HoloLens and third-angle workstations of pad

To provide leasing and purchasing plan of work station and professional technical guidance

JC-SurEyes can provide a complete equipment set and professional technical engineers

on-site deployment with one-stop service to eliminate technical barriers to equipment for you

to ensure the smooth progress of your work.

Reasonable asset management to reduce purchase cost
Reduce labor and time costs
Professional deployment reduces uncertainty

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