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A: M LAB, whose full name is Artificial Intelligence Medical Laboratory. It is the world's first innovative R&D laboratory focusing on medical and technology Prototype product. A: M LAB gathers dozens of artificial intelligence scientists from all over the world to explore the artificial intelligence and mixed reality in the new direction. It can provide a discussion space for scientific and technological talents and medical experts to jointly explore new prospects for smart healthcare. JC-SurEyes Enterprise A: M LAB - ready to go.

Research & Application

In March 2018, A:M LAB launched the AI+MR medical research project, widely applied artificial intelligence and mixed reality, and explored and assist the medical industry with an open and cooperative attitude, so as to realize the reform.

Now A:M LAB is devoted to the development of AI medical imaging prototype, by focusing on machine learning, computer vision, large data processing, 3D reconstruction and many other research in the field of artificial intelligence, combing with endoscope, microinvasive surgery,medical image of CT, MRI, innovative 3D reconstruction and diagnostic screening, man-machine collaboration so as to find the signs of lesions in early stage. In addition, A:M LAB hopes to explore the medical application prospect of future technologies in preoperative planning, intraoperative positioning and navigation, remote collaboration and other medical scenarios.

A:M Trend

Based on the Jincheng group’s high-end medical resources , huge amounts of medical data as well as its technical advantages in the field of Internet, we have cooperated with many well-known hospitals at home and abroad, such as mount sinai hospital, harvard medical school and PLA 301 hospital, to build up world's top medical artificial intelligence research and development team.

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